Blackwing Wolf

Blackwing Wolf (Kane’s Mountains, #2)
by T.S. Joyce

Book blurb:

Dustin Porter is walking a fine line between the Blackwing Crew and the Valdoro pack. He’s been sent to betray Kane, but there’s a complication, and that complication is a smart-mouthed beauty who is also vying for a coveted spot on the crew. Dustin can’t keep his attention from Emma for long, and the more he gets to know about her, the more mysterious she seems. She is making him want to be a better man, but he’s in way too deep, and now he’ll have to choose a side. Too bad choosing could get him and the woman he loves killed.

Emma is a human on a mission: make it onto the Blackwing Crew. So when Dustin Porter, sexy werewolf with one helluva sense of humor, suggests they pretend to fall for each other, she’s pretty sure he has the worst ideas on the planet. That is, until his plan works a little too well, and now Emma is in way over her head. Dustin hasn’t been honest with her, and what she doesn’t know could get her hurt, but as she gets to know the witty werewolf, she begins to realize there is more to Dustin than meets the eye.

She’s falling hard for a man destined to betray the crew she loves, and now all that stands between him and oblivion…is her.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.


I often ask myself why I read these serial shifter romance books so much, considering half the time reading them I find myself rolling my eyes and wind up rating them fairly low. Well, for one they are cheap or free and two, every once in a while a little gem pops up like this one.
The ratings for this were really good and sometimes that’s not the best indication for these books. I think most people want some smut and cute sweet story. That’s not enough for me. I want epic back story and focus on other things while fostering a romance. I realize for the most part this is not what these serials are, but…whatever.
This is about a submissive werewolf named Dustin. Lets stop right there. While this does have your naughty time and a mindless happy ending, it does not feature a super alpha, like every other book does. Yeah, an Alpha character is awesome sometimes, but not every single time. It gets old and it has to be done right. The dynamics of the characters in the first book and then this one, which focuses on Dustin, is great. I loved him. He was inappropriate and snarky. In fact, the Blackwing crew do not work without him.
The Kane’s mountain series is the first that I have read from Joyce and has enticed me to go back and read the Blackwing series, where Blackwing originated. This book makes me think that I would like to see a real epic novel series from this author. So far, I have only noticed the serial mating books. Here’s to hoping there is something a little more epic in the works.