Wolf’s Eye

Wolf’s Eye

by Mara Lee


Life is fragile, and no one knows that better than Nicolette Sinclaire Reece. She protects … for a price. In a world ruled by magic, no one is left to protect the humans, no one but Nikki.

But when a dangerous creature is unleashed in her city, all the lines of magic will be crossed in an effort to stop the massacre. With the aid of the King of the Shifters and some childhood friends, Nikki plans on taking back her city!


** spoiler alert ** I keep going back and forth between two and three stars for this book. It was not bad. In fact, there was a lot that I liked about it. The world building is great. However, there was a lot in here that was just forced. I liked the heroine for the most part, but there are situations that just felt unnatural for her. I like that she is strong and she puts the Alpha and the Prime in their place. She does not give in on her boundaries. But, It really frustrated me that she sleeps with them in the second meeting. Your this awesome woman that can tell them to get the hell out, but you have no self control for banging them almost immediately? Never mind the fact it would have given great romantic suspense alongside the action suspense that was already in play, if you could keep your pants on for bit longer. The characters are written really well. The clan’s and their artifacts are really cool. The villain is pretty good. It just felt like this was trying to hard, so it came off unbalanced.