Smoke Drink F*#k


Smoke Drink F*#k

by Esme Oliver


Screw Eat, Pray Love!

Esme Oliver vows to Smoke, Drink, and Fuck her way to happiness.

Newly-dumped, staring headlong into the barrel of 40, and veering towards a nervous breakdown, Esme heads to Italy for two weeks of carnal excess aimed at distracting from a life that is crumbling all around her. It is there that she meets the much younger Fernando, an Italian stallion who appears to be just the diversion Esme’s looking for. Only problem is they fall in love. Or so Esme thinks.

Based on a true story, Smoke, Drink, Fuck, winner, Best Memoir, of the Southwest Writer’s Competition is the hilarious, outlandish and inspiring story of one fed-up woman’s journey from desperation to liberation. As she finds and loses love, uncovers what it really means to be independent, and discovers why no amount of praying does the trick of one great fuck.


Drink, Smoke, F*ck is the anti-Eat, Love, Pray. The narrative is told through her adventure to Italy, where she vows to drink, smoke, and fuck only and have nothing to do with love. It’s a memoir of a woman who is disgruntled about her life as she turns forty and how she feels the pressures, like most women, to look great all the time. This extends to her relationships with men in and out of work and how women should just be “well behaved children – seen, but never heard.” It is a refreshing look at the unrealistic Cinderella story and how we want other people to fix or save us instead of trying to fix ourselves. This is a super fast read. I read it in one night.

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