Sin Crossed

Sin Crossed

by Mara Lee


Mara Lee has penned a thrilling tale of magic, danger, and a contest of wills in Book 2 of her Nikki Reece series, Sin Crossed.From a love triangle to shape-shifters out of control things take a turn for the worse and Nikki is determined she will not break first! Come along for a thrilling read and embrace a heroine strong enough to take control and beat the odds!


** spoiler alert ** I am having the same problem with this book that I had with the last. The characters dialogue feels contrived or forced sometimes. I know that her conversations and comments are supposed to indicate that she is strong, but it seems to be over kill sometimes. Like someone using all caps, not realizing that they are coming off overly angry and awkward. The dialogue is almost exactly the same as the last in some instances. Especially, with her little menage relationship. They are having almost the exact same conversation and their sexual trysts are exactly the same as the last book: A dirty alley with Malik and a threesome later with Theron. Honestly, the sex scenes could have just been dropped and some heavy flirting instead would have been great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude. Who doesn’t like a great sex scene? But it just takes away from the story and its a great story.
I really wanted to like this. The narrative is great. In fact, its better than the last one. regardless of my whining and complaining about it, I will definitely want to read the next one. We know she is a demi-god from the sea-nymph’s comments. Which by the way, bugs me that she didn’t pick up on it and our heroine might be a little daft. However, I look forward to seeing her demi-god status and the missing pieces of her mind come to light.