Roman Republic at War


Roman Republic at War

by Don Taylor



This is a compilation of Roman wars between 498 to 31 bc. The first part of the book is an excellent introduction that describes the general tactical history of Rome. Detailed diagrams are included that illustrate the author’s narrative clearly. The actual battle entries are preceded with an alphabetical list. Some entries are longer than others and some have diagrams. These are directly from the original texts and best of all the sources are listed on every entry. This is excellent for anyone writing using multiple sources. This is a must have for anyone interested in Ancient Rome or ancient warfare!

Book Blurb:

In a single volume, Roman Republic at War catalogues and offers a brief description of every significant battle fought by the Roman Republic between 480 and 31 BC (and most of the minor ones too). The information in each entry is drawn exclusively from Ancient texts, in order to offer a brief description of each battle based solely on the information provided by the earliest surviving sources which chronicle the event. This approach provides the reader a concise foundation of information to which they can then confidently apply later scholarly interpretation presented in secondary sources in order to achieve a more accurate understanding of the most likely battlefield scenario.
In writing the battle descriptions, the author has not sought analyze the evidence contained in the surviving accounts, nor embellish them beyond that which was necessary to provide clarity to the modern reader. He allows the original writers to speak for themselves, presenting the reader with a succinct version of what the ancient chroniclers tell us of these dramatic events. It is an excellent first-stop reference to the many battles of the Roman Republic.