Dragon’s Breath Series

Dragon’s Breath series:

Dancing with Flames, Stalked by Flames, Forged by Flames, Christmas with Dragons

by Susan Illene


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I was surprised by the Dragon’s Breath series.  I listened to this on Hoopla.  I was looking for something to listen to while I did chores around the house. This series popped up because I liked the Collector series by Stacey Marie Brown.  I guess because of the post apocalyptic backdrop.  I’m usually not a fan of post apocalyptic anything, but I liked the whole myth meets reality of Dragons.  

The first book, Stalked by flames, covers the arrival of dragons to the United States. Apparently all of the mythology of dragons and sorcerers were true.  Dragons and magic were exiled to another dimension by sorcerers.  Now the other dimension is back and has reattached back to our reality and changed some of the physical landscape as well.

This is not a fast story. There is world building in detail.  We follow Bailey who has just graduated from college, when all of this happens. She meets and is trained by a shifter dragon named Aidan, who realizes that she is a born dragon slayer.  Most of the book is the post apocalyptic landscape unfurling and the training of Bailey as she comes into her strengths.

This is not a cheesy paranormal romance.  There is romance, but not a whole lot.  There are no sex scenes in any of the four books, only flirtations and conversations.  The characters are built really well, especially the dragon shifters.  The humans are fleshed out pretty good too, but I was just not attached to any of them.     

The second book goes into more details of Aidan and his dragon shifter society.  There is an even amount POV between him and Bailey, who are really not together too much of this book at all.  Bailey’s father shows up briefly, but that seems to be just enough for future drama.  I’m not sure how I feel about Bailey. She really is a bad ass, but just not that interesting.  Her crazy dragon berserk mode comes off as kind of annoying.  Plus she’s an asshole to Conrad, her side-kick.  

The third book revolves around a quest to get an ancient artifact called the Orb. This book has more romance in it than the first two books, but not as much as the fourth.  There are some parts of this that I thought was silly.  Like the test in the cave to see if they are worthy of the quest.  They sit in a circle and have to divulge their “secrets”, which all happen to be romantic in nature.  I thought this was a little juvenile or trivial compared to overall feel of the rest of the narrative so far.

The fourth book is more of a short story.  This one I grabbed on Amazon as an ebook. The cover threw me off a little, because it’s called Christmas with Dragons.  I skip some of the short side stories in series a lot of times, mostly because I am not a fan of short stories in general.  However, since this was labeled as book four and not three point one, I read it anyway.This revolves around Aidan and Bailey coming together officially.  Baileys father is also introduced fully.  

This is a fun, warm, and fuzzy book.  It’s Christmas in post apocalyptic United States.  My favorite part of this book was Dragomas and the dragon-shifter mating festival.  The mating festival takes place around Drogomas.   It’s basically a cross between the Strong Man games, Octoberfest, a renaissance festival, and Christmas.  Yes please!   

Overall, I liked this.  It was fun. There is supposed to be a fifth book at the end of this Summer.  Definitely on my list.

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