Blood Singer Series (1-7)

The Blood Singer Series (books 1-7)

by Cat Adams


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This series reminded me of the Hollows by Kim Harrison, but not as good.  Celia Graves is a security specialist who gets attacked one night by a bat (slang for vampire).  Once turned, she activates dormant powers of being a Siren.  For the rest of the series she battles various Demons, both internal and literal.

These books were slow. I guess that’s supposed to be a deliberate style, but it was a little tedious at times.  Day in and day out of a vampire that does not want to be a vampire.  She will not drink blood in the hopes that she will not succumb to a mindless vampire looking to slake her thirst.  So, she has shakes.  Shakes in the morning, shakes in the evening, shakes at supper time. Meat juice, ensure.. *sigh*  I went through cycles with this in the series.  At first, I thought it was just stupid and ridiculous.  Then as I got to know the character, I accepted it and I thought it was kind of unique.  Then I eventually got aggravated with the shakes all over again, because the Celia did not seem to grow. Sure, she had new powers, but she seemed to do the same stupid shit.  The series consisted of the same book with similar problems and a few new characters.

One of my favorite characters in here was John.  Celia starts a slow relationship with him after kicking flaky Bruno to the curb. However, in book five, the eldritch conspiracy, John is just gone.  Some mess that she talks about in a flash back.  I cannot begin to show how frustrated I was with this.  So, she gets back with flakers Bruno.  John shows back up feeling guilty, feeling like an ass for the altercation they had in the next book, but she’s still an idiot running around drinking shakes doing the same thing.

**beware of spoiler a huge spoiler** Enter book seven. It’s not good. Celia is hired by a client to go after an escaped djin.  Again, it’s all the same, But now I’m struck by a huge pattern through their books that is even more dramatic now.  We are constantly awed by her power.  Everyone “takes notice” of Celia and is taken aback by her growing power.  Yet, she’s always in a hospital bed and having been saved.  It gets old.

Now, I’ve already said I don’t like Bruno and they got rid of the best romantic character they had, John.  Celia and Bruno are always in a fight and It’s hinted at that they may call it quits, but they love each other so much. *eye roll* So, at the end of this book Bruno dies.  That’s it.  She’s searching around for her connections in life to those she loves with her Siren powers and when she looks for Bruno.  He’s dead. And that’s how we find out.  “Bruno was dead.” ….What?!  Can we at least write some sensible narrative and they all don’t just drop off the face of the planet.

So, I’ve complained about this series and promised myself that this would be the last one. (I’m assuming there will be another)  However, now that the flake is gone, I want to know where they are going to go with this.  Will she go nuts and finally turn into a bat?  Turn into a dark Siren?  Go find John?  If she does nothing but drink shakes and solidify the definition of a victim once again, I will be done with this series.  I feel like this character has a chance to really be great and I have invested time into her. Do SOMETHING!