Moorland Wildlife


Villager Jim’s Moorland Wildlife



First, a big thank you to White Owl books for sending me this beautiful book to review.

This picture book portrays moorland wildlife in serene surroundings and vivid colors. It includes, various birds, cattle, horses, and sheep etc.. There are small captions that explain some of these beautiful creatures. Some of which are obviously familiar and others are not. I have never seen or heard of a Stoat. Apparently it is similar to a ferret or weasel.
The composure of these are excellent and they all have a tranquil quality to them. Even the stark, black snakes curled up in hay look peaceful and deadly at the same time.
These types of photography books are great for kids. My kids learn so much about other places and animals this way. They ask questions and get excited about whats outside and different from where they live.

Book Blurb:

Villager Jim, the famous Peak District photographer, takes us on a journey to his very favorite places on the moors surrounding the Peak District National Park, where he lives. From wonderful wild deer to breathtaking buzzards and other birds of prey, Jim allows us a glimpse of his daily moorland travels with all the abundant wildlife that lives in that part of the world. Jim often concedes that it is his most favorite place on earth, being out alone with his camera within this unforgiving landscape, watching the sun rise on the horizon, whilst at the same time, seeing stags wander, grazing on the moorland. It is here also that many of his favorite birds of prey abound. And, of course, he is there to capture the beautiful landscape shots rolling in mists or washed in the golden light of dawn.