A Secret History Of Brands


A Secret History Of Brands

by Matt McNabb


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This is a collection of well known brands and their historical significance.  Each chapter is fairly short, and does a fair job in its depth of coverage.  It covers Coca cola, Hugo Boss, Henry Ford, Adidas and Puma, Chanel, Bayer, Kellogg’s corn flakes, Winchester, and Bakelite.

Many of these brands I was familiar with as well as some of their sordid details, but not all.  I feel like this takes the minute info that I had with each company and expanded in a very thoughtful manner.  I was not aware of the racially charged politics surrounding Coca Cola, Chanel’s Nazi ties, or the origins of Adidas and Puma.  I loved the chapter on Henry Ford the most.  Not that he was a stand up guy. He was most definitely not.  The fact that we tend to look at Ford as a pseudo founding father here in the United States and none of the information in the book is discussed with “his” assembly line genius.  When we see successful business, history tends to shove the sordid details under the rug. Fast read.

 Really engaging.