Who Is Mich?

Hi! I’m Mich! And I must read!

My tastes are very eclectic.  I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in History.  I was born and raised in New Orleans and love all things British and Japanese.  Recently, I  started digging deeper into my family history and I now have an ever increasing list of topics I want to read about, such as New Orleans, France, Germany and Ireland just to name a few.  Above all, I love to see new perspectives. So, I’m pretty much open to just about anything.

I also love photography, so you will see a lot of books with those themes here as well as my own pictures that I putter about with when I have time.

Some books I have a lot to say and some I don’t.  While I have written reviews for fiction, I started to prefer writing reviews more for non-fiction.  Any fiction I do have any comments for, I usually keep it on Goodreads.  I rate them with clover/shamrock.

The rating system is as follows:


I loved it!


I really liked it.

3 shammies

Its good, but I had some issues that really bugged me.


It was okay.



No Shamies

Something really pissed me off.


You might agree with me.  You might not.  Let me know.