Who Is Mich?

Hi! I’m Mich! And I must read!  I’ve had a yearning to write, but I kept floundering in my head for subjects for years. Several journals and random stories of gobbledygook later,  I decided to write reviews.  Turns out I love it!

My tastes are very eclectic.  I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in History.  I also love photography, so you will see a lot of books with those themes here.  I have an affinity for nature, so you might see some Natural Science books in here too.  I used to think that sounded so stupid when people said that, “I love nature”.  Who doesn’t? But I once met someone who said they never wanted to go outside unless they really needed to.  So, yeah…I like naturey stuff. 🙂  Anyway, I tend to read a lot of Fantasy, but I will read just about anything that looks good.

Some books I have a lot to say and some I don’t.  I tend to write longer reviews for non-fiction than the fiction.  I rate them with clover/shamrock.  I love clover.  They remind me of my paternal grandmother, my father, and my childhood days laying in the cool grass making necklaces and crowns with the clover flowers.

The rating system is as follows:


I loved it!


I really liked it.

3 shammies

Its good, but I had some issues that really bugged me.


It was okay.



No Shamies

Something really pissed me off.


You might agree with me.  You might not.  Let me know.